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i will miss you. you will stay in my heart forever and ever. you help a lots of people and i hope before you leave us that you know that you we’re loved and even if your gone you will always be love.. keep an eye on lea she need you even if your not here anymore. 

glee will never be the same without you..

and every times that i will hear don’t stop believing your gonna be in my mind and every single song you sing will remind me of youu <3 

we lovee you always and forever.


please join me in this.

put a candle for cory on your blog. lets light tumblr up with candlelight.


omg :O

omg :O


Currently addicted to Kiss You :D

wow ! 

twilight &lt;3 breaking dawn part 2

twilight <3 breaking dawn part 2

they don&#8217;t know about us ;)

they don’t know about us ;)

little things




f*cking best song ever!


i&#8221;m a directioner &lt;3

i”m a directioner <3